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Comparing Bra Cup Sizes Across Brands

The different sizing systems bra brands use to classify their cup sizes is a common nuisance. Figuring out if your G cup is actually a G, or an H or an I cup in another brand does not make things easy.
It is easier if you are a D cup of below. Bra brands, regardless of sizing systems (EU, FR, UK, US, etc), size their bras consistent from A to D.
If you are above a D navigating buying bras across brands is often a hassle.
This chart intends to help you cross reference your bra cup size across brands. Most of us favor a certain brand but sometimes we want something a little different. Use this chart to explore what bra size from a new brand might fit you.
We used the list of bra brands we identified sold in small bra stores across Canada.
This chart is no sure thing! Remember, when switching brands, buying the same size does not guarantee a proper fit.
A Goddess bra in a G cup corresponds to a Curvy Kate bra in an F cup. An Empreinte bra in an H cup corresponds to a Panache bra in an FF. Making a simple conversion does not mean those bras will fit!
Every brand has their own sizing style. Different bra types (a demi versus a full cup) have a different fit. Even if the sizing is ostensibly the same. The only way to get an accurate fit is at a bra store!
Still, many of us love to spend time online browsing bras, guessing, perusing. This chart is to help you in case you want to make some broad assumptions about fit and size.

Note : IRR = Irregular.

These are lingerie brands that don’t fit any of the sizing systems exactly. They are rare.

Lingerie Brands Cup Size Charts

Lingerie Brands Sizes Chart


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