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Did you know...

75% of Premium bra brands are only sold in small bra stores?

Bra Brands in Small Stores

Did you know...

More than 80% of small bra stores are woman owned?

Over 200 Stores
in Canada listed

If you are in Alberta, it is hard to find and browse a store in Quebec.

If you are in Ontario, it is hard to find and browse a store in Nova Scotia

Our goal is to get these stores in front of you.

When you buy from a small store afar, you are shopping local.

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Who are we?

We have a service company for bra stores.

Bras are one of the last small store industries left.

Our work is to help them thrive in the new retail environment.

We operate this site at no cost to them.

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A directory of small bra stores in the United States.

Buying a bra online is hard. Use these tips to help make it easier.

Use our Band Size chart to convert across six sizing systems.

Find Sister Sizes from bands 30 to 44 and cups A to L.

Convert cup sizes across sizing systems.

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Use our bra size calculator to find out your size. Approximately.