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We love small stores. Our love of the small store is the reason behind our business. The small store is where a lot of neighbourhood life took place. The hubs of economy and social activity. Character places with characters inside. The hardware store, the bakery, the seamstress, the fruit stand, and of course, the bra store.


Our love of the bra store led to Your Bra Store, the parent of the Bra Directory. We focus on the small bra store, the online bra world, and how these two intersect.


At Your Bra Store we help independent bra stores sell their sale bras online.


We know bra stores carry large inventories. There are many bra sizes because there are many body types. Bra stores face a hard decision; only stock certain sizes, or invest to increase bra size offerings. We created Your Bra Store to help bra stores offer more sizes by helping them sell their sale bras, overstock, older bras, online.


From helping bra stores sell their sale bras online we learned from consumers that when they shift from street level to digital shopping, the internet funnels them to bra-marts.  The small store gets very little of the internet interest. The small bra store site is buried deep in search engine results, deeper than the customer is often willing to dig.


Search results exclude incredible stores. Their knowledge and premium products are left out of the new shopping environment. 

We want the Bra Directory to centralize this information for the customer. We want you to shop at the small bra store. 


Bringing small bra stores together (eventually their bras), will make it easy for customers to shop local from anywhere. Shop small. Even from afar, those sales strengthen communities and families.


The future of ecommerce will be shopping small.


Online shopping will split away from the mega, all in one retailer. The information is out. We know what that type of shopping does to the environment, to our communities, and on those who work in those warehouses. Low pay. Low benefits. Remote locations.


The future of ecommerce will be sites that unite brick and mortar stores in one place to balance the demands of online visibility for the stores with the products and customer service for the customer. This will be especially true for expertise based products. 


No single store can fill the demand of online customers. But all stores together, through the power of collaboration, we can get close.


Our goal is to create a reference point of all bra stores in Canada and a marketplace for bras from small stores across Canada. Knowledgeable Service. Premium Quality. Shopping Local. Easy and Convenient.


The result benefits stores, customers, and communities.