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I do a thought experiment with bra stores: what other business is almost all female owned?

I’ve settled on two :

1 – bra stores

2 – nail salons

That’s it.

We work bras, so we did some research.

These are Canadian bra store stats.

Bra Store Owners


Why does this matter? It might not. It might matter a lot. If engaging the power of mindful shopping, “good deed buying”, this is useful information. Directing your spending dollars to have an impact on families and communities can do a lot of good.


We know when women get paid, the money goes towards more family oriented goods. Women spend 90% of their earned income on their families. So you know your purchase does good. It helps buy that new washing machine, some pizzas, new shoes. It helps with home expenses and strengthens families.

Good Deed Buying

Almost all the stores in the Bra Directory are owned by women in small communities and neighbourhoods. Your purchase supports them and their almost all female staff.


We confirmed 84% of bra stores have female owners. The number is most likely closer to 100%. The missing 16% are ones we could not confirm. Six stores are a collaboration of husband and wife.


There are no publicly owned companies on this list. No subsidiaries of larger corporations. No chains. Every one of the stores in the Bra Directory is the traditional “mom and pop”.




Many women struggle with the vulnerability of the bra buying process. The generic fitting room at the mall is no match for the curated space of the small bra store. 


Bra store fittings allow you to be yourself and open up about this part of your life and how it affects you. These are inclusive environments with knowledge and expertise, run by helpful people.


These small stores are safe for everyone. The new mom learning about the changes in her breasts. The plus size lingerie buyer. The cancer fighters. The teen having first bra shopping experience. The trans woman. There is no better, safer, place to buy a bra than at the small bra store. 


Most bra stores in Canada have been in business for over 10 years, many of them over 20! These stores have seen countless customers with different body types and requests. 


Buying a bra on Amazon, Victoria’s Secrets, or other large retailers is not the same. If you are shopping online, these small stores are an email away. It doesn’t matter if they are in Manitoba or Nova Scotia.


Bra stores offer the support, knowledge, and products you deserve. And your purchase does good. 


Women supporting women is a winning combination.