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Who doesn’t love a discount when buying a bra?


Some ladies patiently wait for their favorite stores to announce sales to pull out their wallet.


Sometimes, even though you love a sale, you can’t wait. That Elomi or Marie Jo or Prima Donna bra you love and have been wearing hard, but you need to replace her now and can’t wait for that perfect bra sale.


Well, we compiled a little list for you on where to get bra discounts online right now!


Most of these bra stores offer a discount for new customers when signing up to their newsletter.


A little bit of effort and you have a new bra at a sale price. Heck, you might even find a new favorite store you didn’t even know existed.


This is a great way to find an affordable bra online. These stores also cater to a broad range of women. You can find a plus size bra, a swimsuit, a sports bra, a bra for the average breast size, and much more!


The Bra Directory is all about helping you find bras in Canada.


Important disclaimer!


These bra discounts can disappear at any time. We track them, but not everyday. On the day we write this, they are there.


We check the internet for public information.


Click the store to go to their site.


The List :


Foru Fine Lingerie, BC | 15% off via newsletter.


Diane’s Lingerie, BC | 15% off – prompt appears when attempting to leave the site.


J’Adore Intimates, ON | 10% off via newsletter.


Mablellie’s Drawer, ON | 10% off via newsletter.


Comfort Bras by Pauline, ON | 10% via newsletter.


Sand ‘n Sea, ON | 10% via newsletter.


Aglaïa, QC | 20% off via newsletter.


Busted Ladies Lingerie, AB | 50% off matching panties via newsletter.


Envie Intimates, ON | 10% off via newsletter.


My Top Drawer, ON | 10% off via newsletter.


Your Bra Store, ON | at least 30% off on all bras.


Pinned Up Bra Lounge, ON | 10% off via signing up to SMS marketing.


Extra Trick for a Bra Discount.


Here is an extra little trick you can try when you want to buy a bra online.


Create a cart, put in some bras and all your information, name, email, address, etc. Then, abandon it.


Sometimes in 24 – 48 hours you will get a recovery cart email with a discount on your order.


Happy Bra Shopping!

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